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7-Up Raspberry Cranberry Jello Salad

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1 (3 oz.) pkg. raspberry Jello
1 1/2 cups boiling water
1 cup cranberry – orange relish
1 (3 oz.) pkg. lemon Jello
1 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen raspberries
1 (7 oz.) bottle of 7-Up

Dissolve raspberry and lemon Jellos in boiling water. Stir in frozen raspberries, breaking up large pieces with a fork. Add cranberry-orange relish. Chill until cold but not set.

Carefully fold in 7-Up. Chill until partially set. Turn into 5 (3 1/2 cup) ring mold.

Chill for several hours.

Vintage Coppertone Metal 8 1/2 Inch / 3 1/2 Cup Ring Bundt Jell-o Mold


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