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Readers and visitors must take care to check the instructions provided and determine their value and any possible medical condition that may arise from the consumption of the ingredients listed in this site’s pages.

We are not responsible for the outcome of any recipe you try from this website, including but not limited to, fires, your partner getting mad at you, bad flavors et cetera. While we try to review each recipe carefully, you may not always achieve the results desired due to variations in ingredients, cooking temperatures, typos, errors, omissions, or individual cooking abilities. Please always use your best judgement when cooking with raw ingredients such as eggs, meat, chicken or fish.

Copyright law does not protect recipes that are mere listings of ingredients. Most of the recipes on our site came from Internet mailing lists. If you feel that a recipe should not be listed on our site, please email recipes@beckieskitchen.com.

Temperature degrees are listed as Fahrenheit unless specified otherwise.

Pictures shown on recipes may be slightly different from the actual recipe.

We are in no way associated with Becky’s Kitchen in the Philippines.

I was informed that I needed to add a disclaimer to every place I put an Amazon ad. I didn’t want to. It makes it seem like I’m begging for support, but here’s the real reason:

To comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations you must (1) include a legally compliant disclosure with your links and (2) identify yourself on your Site as an Amazon Associate.

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