What’s up with the shirts?

Some may be curious to see t-shirt ads advertising What Makes Me Fat on Beckie’s Kitchen. Well, honestly I was hesitant to add them. But I’ll be blunt…

I am a 63 year old woman living on a fixed income of less than 1000.00 a month. So I’m hoping to earn a little passive income to help pay the hosting and other costs of WhatMakesMeFat.com and BeckiesKitchen.com

I’ve only created a few so far, but plan to do more. I’ll even take request if you want yours to say something special. The shirts are designed by me and sold through teespring.com

And if you order one, and you are from the USA, then use the coupon code WMMF to get free shipping. Or for everyone, use WMMF2 for 3.99 off your order.

And on another note about ads, I hated putting an extra ad above each recipe, but the majority of my readers use tablets or cellphones, and the sidebar doesn’t show on those devices. So by adding that extra it helps with my adchoices ads.

I hope to at least earn enough from ads and the shirts to pay for hosting costs of both sites.

Recipes on both my sites will always be free. I also do not like pop up ads, so I do not add them, but I have seen adchoices pop one up every now and then, and I apologize for that.

Below is a contact form if you have any suggestions or the site, or you want that special t-shirt.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and visiting Beckie’s Kitchen!

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