Salami Scrambled Eggs

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Soppressata is an Italian dry salami. Two principal types are made, a cured dry sausage typical of Basilicata, Apulia and Calabria, and a very different uncured salami, native to Tuscany and Liguria.

Soppressata can be made of fresh hams, as well as other cuts. Pork is the traditional meat used, though it is sometimes made using beef. The meat is either coarsely pressed or ground as with other salamis. Pressing gives it an uneven, rustic appearance when sliced. Soppressata is a specialty of southern Italy, and often includes hot pepper (though, as with all salami, seasonings vary). The sausage is hung up to dry for anywhere between three and 12 weeks, depending on the diameter, and loses about 30% of its original weight. Cured soppressata is often stored in jars of olive oil. It is commonly sliced thin and placed on crackers or sandwiches or eaten by itself. Soppressata is becoming a popular alternative topping to pepperoni for pizza in some pizzerias in the United States

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