Santa Sundae

1 cup red chocolate melts
4 ice cream cones
vanilla ice cream
whipped cream
8 chocolate chips
4 cherries

Melt the red chocolate disks according to package directions until they are fully melted and form a smooth liquid. Remove the pan from heat and let the chocolate cool slightly before handling.

Now it’s time to coat the cones (aka hats)! Line a baking sheet with waxed paper and place it near the chocolate (for easy transfer). Once the chocolate has cooled slightly, roll the cones, 1 by 1, in the red chocolate. Then, set each on the waxed paper, opening-side down. Be careful when rolling the cones in the chocolate, as it can be hot. Let the cones sit until the chocolate has fully hardened.

Note: You may want to prepare the cones in advance to allow enough time for the chocolate to fully harden. You can’t speed up this process by sliding the cones into the fridge because the chocolate will develop a white patina and ruin the look of the Santa Sundaes.

Plate the sundaes: set out 4 plates. Use a large ice cream scoop to scoop out a big, round balls of vanilla ice cream. Set 1 ice cream scoop on each plate. Top each with 1 of the prepared red cones. If you are using fresh whipped cream, spoon it into a pastry bag (or a makeshift one) and pipe whipped cream around the bottom edge of the cone. Then, pipe a little bit on the tip of the cone. You can also use canned whipped cream for this (skipping the pastry bag step).

Next, press 2 chocolate chips into each ice cream ball (for the eyes!) and press 1 cherry between the eyes below, at plate level.

Serve immediately.

Serves 4

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