Genoa Salami

Genoa salami is a cured meat product which is closely associated with the Italian city of Genoa. Although many other cured meats are made in Genoa, this particular salami appears to have captivated the popular imagination, and it is among the most well known of Italian foods. Many markets carry Genoa salami, and it can also be obtained at import stores. As is often the case with cured meats, Genoa salami varies widely in quality.

Typically, Genoa salami is a pork salami, although some producers mix in beef and veal as well. In addition to the loosely chopped pork, Genoa salami also includes garlic, salt, fennel seeds, whole peppercorns, and a small amount of white wine. The peppercorns create explosions of spice in the finished product, making Genoa salami a rather zesty food to eat. By tradition, white peppercorns are usually used in Genoa salami, with black peppercorns studding cotto salami.

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Recipes using Genoa Salami

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