Brown Sugar

Sugar – sucrose – is a carbohydrate that is present naturally in fruits and vegetables. All plants use a natural process called photosynthesis to turn sunlight into the nourishment they need for growth.

Of all known plants, sugar is most highly concentrated in sugar beets and sugar cane. Sugar is simply separated from the beet or cane plant, and the result is 99.95% pure sucrose (sugar). The sucrose from sugar beets and sugar cane is not only identical to one another, but each is the same as the sucrose present in fruits and vegetables.

Brown sugars are granulated sugars with the grains coated in molasses to produce a light, dark or demerara sugar. They are used in baked goods, confectionery and toffees.

When a recipe calls for brown sugar, the measurement is often qualified with descriptions like “loosely packed”, “lightly packed” or “firmly packed” brown sugar.

Loosely packed means you fill the measuring cup with sugar then use a spatula to remove the mound.

Lightly packed means you press the sugar lightly into the measuring cup and add more, press lightly down again, until the amount of sugar reaches the brim.

Firmly packed means you press the sugar more firmly, packing it in the measuring cup more tightly, adding more and repeating the process until you have a very compact amount of sugar.

Also unless a recipe specifically states light or dark, usually the light is the most common form to use, however, you may use your preference if you want a more molasses taste.

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