South Tyrolean Marende

Bread and Sausage Platter

4 oz. smoked, cooked ham
2 Kaminwurzen or thin salami (or several slices salami)
4 oz. Tyrolean Speck
4 oz. Bündnerfleisch or prosciutto
8 oz. total several kinds of cheese
1 pear
1 bunch grapes
Pickles, any kind
Several types of sliced bread such as Schüttelbrot, Graubrot, Schwarzwälder
1 piece of horseradish or prepared horseradish

This cold meal can be served as an appetizer or as a typical “Apres Ski Marende.”

Use a large, wooden cutting board and lay the meat and cheese out attractively. Alternate cheese and meat. The meat slices are usually around the edge of the board and are often rolled for easy service.

The cheeses can be cut into cubes or triangles.

Decorate with sliced pear and cut the bunch of grapes into several smaller clumps or bring scissors to the table to cut off small servings. You may also decorate with pickles or serve separately.

Serve the breads in a basket lined with a cloth and the butter in a dish.

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