Quick Chicken Wrap-Ups

7 lbs. cooked chicken breast, shredded or thinly sliced
7-1/4 lbs. large flour tortillas, warmed
14 lbs. avocados, sliced
6 lbs. tomatoes, sliced
12 lbs. canned black beans, drained, or refried beans
2-3/4 lbs. shredded lettuce
2 quarts plus 3 cups salsa

Place chicken in warmed tortillas. Top with remaining. ingredients.

Per serving: calories 725, fat 30.7g, 37% calories from fat, cholesterol 60mg, protein 39.6g, carbohydrates 77.2g, fiber 19.3g, sugar 10.0g, sodium 770mg, diet points 13.7.

Dietary Exchanges: Milk: 0.0, Vegetable: 1.2, Fruit: 0.7, Bread: 4.0, Lean meat: 0.0, Fat: 4.9, Sugar: 0.0, Very lean meat protein: 2.8

Mission, 6″ Flour Tortillas, 20 Count, 26oz Bag (Pack of 2)

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