Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin sauce is a Chinese dipping sauce.

Peking-style hoisin sauce ingredients include starches such as sweet potato, wheat or rice, and water, sugar, soybeans, sesame seeds, white distilled vinegar, salt, garlic, red chili peppers, and sometimes preservatives or coloring agents. Traditionally, hoisin sauce is made using toasted mashed soy beans. Despite the literal meaning, hoisin sauce does not contain seafood, nor is it typically used with it. Neither does it contain plums, even though it is frequently misidentified as plum sauce.

A number of Chinese cuisine dishes such as spring rolls, mu shu pork, popiah, Peking duck and barbecued pork use the sauce. It is especially common in Cantonese cuisine flavoring.

In Vietnamese, hoisin sauce is called “tuong den”. The hoisin sauce is also used to make dipping sauce for Vietnamese spring rolls (American)/summer rolls (British) and other dishes similar to spring/summer rolls. In cooking, it can be used for glazing broiled chicken.

Source: Wikipedia
Recipes using Hoisin Sauce

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