Brie Cheese

Brie is a soft cow’s cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated (roughly corresponding to the modern département of Seine-et-Marne). It is pale in color with a slight grayish tinge under a rind of white mold. The whitish moldy rind is typically eaten, the flavor quality of which depends largely upon the ingredients used and its manufacturing environment.

A 30 g serving of Brie contains 101 calories and 8.4 grams of fat. Over half of the fat in Brie is saturated fat. There are 5.2 grams of saturated fat per 30 g of cheese. Brie is a good source of protein; a serving of Brie can provide 5 to 6 grams of protein. Brie contains a good amount of both Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B2. It takes at least sixty days for Brie to pasteurize and go from raw milk Brie to pasteurized Brie.

Source: Wikipedia
Recipes using Brie Cheese

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