Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Brandy generally contains 35%–60% alcohol by volume (70-120 US proof) and is typically taken as an after-dinner drink. Some brandies are aged in wooden casks, while some are simply colored with caramel coloring to imitate the effect of such aging (and some brandies are produced using a combination of both aging and coloring).

Brandy may be served neat or on the rocks. It may be added to other beverages to make several popular cocktails; these include the Brandy Alexander, the Sidecar, the Brandy Daisy, and the Brandy Old Fashioned.

  • Flavored brandy is added to desserts, including cake and pie toppings, to enhance their flavor.
  • Flavored brandy is commonly added to apple dishes.
  • Brandy is a common deglazing liquid that is used in making pan sauces for steak and other meat.
  • Brandy is used to create a more intense flavor in some soups, notably onion soup.
  • Brandy is used to flambe the crepe suzette while serving.

Source: Wikipedia
Recipes using Brandy

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