Apricot Salsa

Apricot Salsa
Apricot Salsa

1/2 red bell pepper — roasted and chopped
olive oil
1 small onion — chopped
1 small tomato — chopped
1 jalapeno — finely minced
2 apricots — chopped
2 tablespoons rum, dark
apple cider

Cut a red bell pepper in half, remove seeds, and roast half of it (brush with olive oil and put under broiler very close to heat until blackened, about 5 minutes). Chop.

Saute onion in about a tablespoon of olive oil until translucent. Add tomato and jalapeno and saute about another 5 minutes, until tomato is cooked. Add cider to cover and apricots and boil down until cider is almost all boiled off. Add chopped roasted bell pepper and stir. Add dark rum and flambe. (light and swirl until it goes out).

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