Anjou Pears

Anjou pears are the most abundant pear variety in the United States. In fact, you’ll find Green Anjous available in most produce departments in the U.S. almost year round, and they’re gaining popularity in several other countries as well.

USA Anjous are harvested from orchards in Oregon and Washington, and arrive in produce departments usually around late September to early October. They are often the most widely available variety through May or June. Look for them in produce departments where you shop, usually on counter-top displays near apples, citrus, and other fresh fruits.

The most important fact to understand about Anjou pears is that they do not change color as they ripen. Unlike Bartletts, another familiar green pear variety that does change to yellow during ripening, Green Anjous will remain green even when fully ripe.

Anjous are very sweet and juicy when ripe, and are best when sliced fresh in salads or eaten as a out-of-hand snack. They are also a good baking, poaching or roasting pear when used before they reach maximum ripeness.

Source: USA Northwest Pear
Recipes using Anjou Pears

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